Working with a range of charts, a trained, perceptive astrologer can delineate the energy patterns which influence your experience of life, increasing your self-awareness and enabling informed life choices. Consultations can be in person, by phone, or recoded readings can be sent by mail. Included are a folio of prepared charts, an annotated flow chart for the year ahead, and keynotes on planetary energies. (Recording of the session is recommended and if unable to record on your own device, a recorded Mp3 can be sent via CD or email)

The following consultation services are available:

Natal Chart Reading

The basis of any astrological reading and interpretive work, the Natal or birth chart is a blueprint, a multi-dimensional map of who you are. Sensitively interpreted it yields insights into all areas of life: Self Understanding, Career, Home and Family, Relationships, Money, Health, Communication, Learning, Goals and Aspirations, Life Choices. A natal reading can deepen your understanding of your psychology and what releases or hinders the expression of your full potential.

Predictive Work

Progressed, Transit and Solar Return charts offer insights into the timing and meaning of events in your life. They can be drawn up for any time to assist in understanding the significance of that life period and the experiences offered. Many clients come annually to see what the year ahead may hold and/or to gain perspective and clarity around major decisions, career or personal issues that arise -particularly useful when you find yourself at a crossroad in life or in times of crisis.

Relationship & Synasty Charts

Explore the dynamics of relationship whether parent-child, business partnership, friendship, marriage or love relationship through the techniques of Synastry. Gain insight into what each partner is seeking from the relationship and what is its potential, its style and its challenges. Election charts can be drawn up to determine the most auspicious time for marriage, business contract or launch of any joint project.

Esoteric Astrology

Esoteric or Soul-Centred Astrology embraces the transpersonal realm. It deals with Spiritual Emergence, questions of Life Purpose and spiritual Direction. It explores the relationship between the personality and Higher Self and what experiences the aspirant is likely to meet in the journey to deeper integration. An esoteric reading can speak to what it is that the Soul or Higher Self is calling us to express in this life.


Rates & Fees

Rates for astrological readings:

Standard reading $275 (2 hours)

Extended session $40 per half hour thereafter

Gift Vouchers

Elegant, personalised gift vouchers are available pre-purchased as a gift for a friend or loved one.


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