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Diploma in Modern Astrology

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Diploma in Modern Astrology

2 - 3 years

Course Aims
Astrology is a fascinating field of study. Just like learning any language, first you must master the technical aspects, then practice to become fluent. A high degree of literacy only comes with time and application. This course is designed for beginners to astrology, and provides a foundation of astrological knowledge (the abc's) so that the student is able to construct and intelligently delineate a natal chart and to calculate and interpret predictive trends arising from the chart.

How can this course be used?

  • If attendance is for personal enrichment only, students will become conversant with astrological language and methodology and be able to read charts for themselves, family and friends.
  • If the intention is to practice professionally as an astrologer, the course offers a pathway to professional accreditation at the end of Year II.
  • Prior knowledge of mainstream astrology is a prerequisite for entry into the Esoteric Astrology Diploma. The Diploma in Modern Astrology offers beginners a means to fulfil this prerequisite in 2 years. Students can elect to study 1 or 2 years prior to enrolling in the Esoteric Astrology Diploma or study concurrently according to time and ability. Students with partial prior knowledge, or those who need to refresh their astrological skills, can enter at the appropriate skill level.

Course Format
Year I
Module 1: Natal Astrology
Module 2: Predictive Astrology

Year II
Module 3: Relationship Astrology
Module 4: Advanced Predictive & Delineation


Astrology Modules 1 - 4
Astrology Modules consist of 20 weekly evening classes per module. Each module runs over a 5 month semester. 
Semester I: February-June Semester II: August-December


Astrology Modules are designed to co-ordinate with the Esoteric Astrology Units covering the same 5 month semester, so the study schedule for students taking both Astrology Modules + Esoteric Astrology Units consists of one weekend seminar per month and one evening class per week. Those with some prior astrological knowledge can enrol in modules according to their skill level.

Classes are heavily information based with assimilation by class interaction, discussion, use of sample charts and student's own charts, regular homework exercises and prescribed reading. They are not formally assessed, instead class feedback with opportunities for questioning provides the focus for self assessment and learning. Students must be prepared however, to regularly delineate and present charts to the class. Practice is the key!

Outline of Topics
Module 1: Natal Astrology (20 evening classes)
Introduction to Astrology.
The Astronomy of Astrology.
The Signs of the Zodiac.
Elements & Modes. 
The Planets. 
The Wheel. 
Houses & Decanates.
Planets in Signs and Houses.
Planetary Rulerships.
The Cross of Matter.
The Lunar Nodes.
Mythology of the Zodiac.
Planetary Combinations.
Dignity, Exaltation, Detriment & Fall.
Planetary Aspects.
Planetary Patterns.
Four Major Asteroids & Part of Fortune.
Dispositor, Chart Ruler, Interceptions & Mutual Reception. Calculations of Ascendant, Houses, Planets & Luminaries.
Introduction to Delineation - Putting it all together.

Module 2: Predictive Astrology
Introduction to Predictive Work. 
Fate & Free Will. 
Understanding Planetary Cycles. 
Use of Transits. 
Mid-life Transits. 
Predictive Techniques. 
Secondary Progressions. 
The Progressed Lunation Cycle. 
Using Time Maps. 
Triple Charts. 
Solar Return Charts. 
Other Aspects. 
Calculation of Transits & Secondary Progressions. 
Developing Delineation Skills - Practice with Sample Charts.

Module 3: Relationship Astrology
Synastry Techniques. 
Composite Charts. 
Techniques of Chart Comparison - Vertex, Antiscia etc. 
Rules & Use of Elections.
Children's Charts.
Vocational Guidance.
Professional Practice. 
Ethical Issues of the Counselling Astrologer. 
Development of Delineation Skills - Class Presentations.

Module 4: Advanced Predictive & Delineation
Solar Arcs. 
Introduction to Midpoints & Their Use.
Other Prediction Techniques.
Harmonic Charts.
Mundane Astrology.
Astro-cartography & Relocation. 
Consolidation of Delineation Skills - Class Presentations.

Requirements of SCSES Diploma in Astrology

  • Regular class attendance over 2 years
  • A demonstrated grasp of the elements of chart delineation and prediction.
  • A sensitive and competent counselling approach to client interaction.


Professional Accreditation
Course material is based on the FAA (Federation of Australian Astrologers) exam syllabus and students can work towards professional accreditation by entering the FAA exam system. There are 4 exams, held at the same time each year, leading to the FAA Practitioner's Diploma which is the FAA's qualification to practice astrology professionally. For further information on the FAA exam system go tohttp://www.faainc.org.au.

Private Tuition and Exam Mentoring
The SCSES also offers tuition in one-on-one or group sessions for those with a sound astrological knowledge base who wish to complete their professional accreditation. Number and length of sessions and topics are negotiated according to student requirements. Individual or small group tuition offers an accelerated learning approach where individual needs can be addressed at the student's own pace. Fees depend on class numbers. (As a general guide individual tutorial sessions are $75 per hour, two students $50 each and three or more $45)

Outstanding Tutors: All SCSES tutors are accredited, highly qualified in their respective fields, internationally known, published, and known for their forward thinking. Adrienne Barkla was the 1994 recipient of the Allan Johnson Gold Medal awarded by the FAA for the top marks Australiawide in all 4 exams so you are in good hands!

Special Events

Master Classes and Seminars on specific topics of interest are offered periodically and advertised on this page. Watch this space!

Please contact SCSES for further information or to request a class or seminar topic.

About the Author

Adrienne Barkla

B. Arch, B. Fine Arts, Grad. Dip. Psych, FAA Diploma, (Awarded FAA Allan Johnson Gold Medal 1994), MSE Esoteric Psych, PhDE Esoteric Philosophy. Adrienne is an Consulting Astrologer and Psychotherapist in private practice and principal of the SCSES. She is inspired by the golden thread of truth that underlies the many wisdom traditions, and has studied with The Rosicrucian Society (AMORC), The Theosophical Society, The Anthroposophical Society and The University of the Seven Rays. Adrienne has worked for many years in astrological and esoteric education as an teacher, writer, curriculum developer, and national and international conference organiser and speaker.

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