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Diploma in Esoteric Astrology

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Diploma in Esoteric Astrology

2 years

Course Aims 
This course provides the necessary background in esoteric philosophy, together with esoteric delineation techniques needed for practice as an Esoteric Astrologer. It is designed for mainstream astrologers who are seeking a specialisation in this field.


  • An accredited qualification in mainstream astrology or equivalent proven knowledge.
  • Affiliation with an astrological body such as the FAA is required for those who intend to practice professionally.

Meeting the Prerequisites: 
Beginners with no prior astrological knowledge can fulfil the prerequisites by enrolling in the 2 year Modern Astrology course with the SCSES and choose to study either prior to or concurrently with the 2 year Esoteric Astrology programme. This will determine whether the course (Modern Astrology + Esoteric Astrology) is taken over 2, 3 or 4 years. Students with previous but incomplete astrological knowledge, or who need 'brushing up', can join Modern Astrology at the appropriate level. Tutors can help to assess your needs.

Preparation for Professional Accreditation (FAA Exams):
Mentoring through the FAA accreditation process is available through the SCSES through both private and small group tuition. Negotiated throughout the course according to student need. See "Professional Accreditation" section below.


Course Format
Year I (Esoteric Studies Certificate Course)
Unit 1: Overview
Unit 2: Esoteric Psychology

Year II
Unit 3: Cosmology
Unit 4: Spiritual Delineation Techniques

Esoteric Astrology Units 1-4 
Taught in weekend seminars (Sat & Sun 10 am - 5 pm) over a 5 month semester period. There are 5 seminars in each semester. Semester I: February - JuneSemester II: August - December.


Assignments: There are set readings and written papers for each seminar topic to be completed by the start of the next month's seminar.  These are submitted electronically and feedback given. A meditation program is an integral part of the course and a brief meditation report is included in the written monthly assignments.  (A disc with the relevant voiced meditations is included with the unit course workbook)

Outline of Topics 
Unit 1: Overview (Seminars 1-5)

1. Introduction to Esoteric Philosophy
2. Introduction to Esoteric Psychology
3. Introduction to Esoteric Astrology
4. Introduction to the Seven Rays
5. The Next Step in Consciousness

Unit 2: Esoteric Psychology (Seminars 6-10)

1. The Spiritual Thread of the Western Mind
2. The Seven Ray Types
3. Spiritual Emergence
4. The Laws of the Soul
5. Introduction to Meditation Practice

Details of Seminars 1-10 are given under Esoteric Studies

Unit 3: Cosmology (Seminars 11 -15)


1. Introduction to Planetary Cosmology. 
Schemes, Chains & Rounds. 
Major Constellations. 
Unseen Planets.


2.Evolution: The Endless Way
Asteroids esoterically considered.
The Twelve Creative Hierarchies.
Solar & Lunar Lords. The Great Wheel.


3. The Systemic Constitution.
The Ten Planetary Lords.
Seven Kingdoms in Nature.
Sacred & Non-Sacred Planets. 
Centers, Rays & Signs.
The Rays of the Nations & Races.


4. Spiritual Effects of The Zodiac
Esoteric Rulerships. 
The Crosses & The Signs.
The Keynotes of the Rays.
Rays & The Signs.


5. Cosmic Alchemy
The Secret Doctrine and The Work of Blavatsky. 
Antahkarana Meditations.

Unit 4: Spiritual Delineation Techniques (Seminars 16-20)


1. Esoteric Reading
The Personality Chart esoterically considered.
Helps and Hindrances indicated in the Chart. 
Sun, Moon & Ascendant Combinations. 
Effect of Veiled Planets. 
Prenatal Charts.

2. Rays & The Initiations
Finding one's place on The Spiritual Path.
Stages of The Path.
Astrology of the Initiations.
Charts of Disciples and Initiates.
Study of Rulerships, Rays and Cycles.

3. Introduction to Chinese Astrology
Introduction to Chinese Charts & the Subjective Cycles.
The Five Elements. 
The Pillars & Zui Wei Charts.

4. Spiritual Alchemy
Introduction to Basic Tenents of Alchemy.
Delineating Spiritual Destiny.
Points of Crisis. 
Major Markers on The Way.

5. The Practice of Esoteric Astrology
The Esoteric Counsellor. 
Assessing Your Client. 
Integration of Exoteric & Esoteric Delineation. 
Advanced Psychological & Rayological Reading.

Essential Texts 
SCSES Esoteric Studies & Esoteric Astrology Workbooks
Solar Fire Deluxe Astrology Software program (recommended)
Esoteric Astrology Alice Bailey
Esoteric Psychology Vols I & II Alice Bailey
Tapestry of The Gods Vols I & II Michael Robbins

Secret Doctrine H. P Blavatsky

Requirements for Diploma in Esoteric Astrology  
1. 2 years of study (Esoteric Astrology Units 1-4) together with the satisfactory completion of all set papers and reports, including a presentation of an original study topic in Year II.

2. A demonstrated ability to present a synthetic chart delineation using a range of predictive techniques which relate effectively to the natal horoscope together with a sensitive and competent counselling approach to client interaction and an understanding of how to introduce esoteric elements and blend esoteric and humanistic interpretation. 

3. Affiliation with a nationally recognised professional body of astrology is expected by Diploma students who wish to practice professionally. It is anticipated that students will complete the FAA exams or their professional equivalent.

Professional Accreditation 
To practice as an Esoteric Astrologer it will be anticipated that students will have mainstream astrological accreditation with the Federation of Australian Astrologers (FAA) or similar professional body, and if not, that students will work towards professional accreditation by entering the FAA or similar exam system. There are 4 FAA exams, held at the same time each year, leading to the FAA Practitioner's Diploma, which is the FAA qualification to practice astrology professionally. The SCSES will prepare you for the exams. For further information on the FAA exam system please refer to http://www.faainc.org.au.

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