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Certificate in Esoteric Studies

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Certificate in Esoteric Studies

1 year

Course Aims
This course are introductions to the Ageless Wisdom Teachings, teachings which are universal and come in many forms appearing through the ages. Material is drawn from mythology, astrology, archetypal imagery, philosophy and mystery traditions. Inspiration is taken from the work of Alice Bailey, Helena Blavastsky, Carl Jung, Roberto Assagioli and Joseph Campbell among others. The main goal is the development of a synthetic approach enabling bridges to be built across cultures and belief systems, revealing the true unity behind all diversity. Participation in the program will encourage and deepen personal and spiritual development.

On completion of the program it is hoped that students will:

  • Have gained a broad understanding of esoteric principles.
  • Have transformed their consciousness to embody a more inclusive awareness.
  • Have deepened their commitment to living a meaningful life utilising esoteric principles.
  • Know the stages of psychospiritual emergence, the crises involved and methods for facilitating a transformative process.
  • Be aware of the use of subtle energies in the service of psychospiritual healing.

Course Material
The format is both theoretical and experiential. The experiential component consists of meditation exercises, guided visualisation and psychotherapeutic dynamics.

Key elements of the program are: 

  • An overview of esoteric principles which convey our place within the universal Whole.
  • An understanding of seven forms of energy expression, The Seven Rays, and their cosmological and astrological implications.
  • A study of the human energy system, the centers and their relationship to the greater system of cosmic centers.
  • Fundamental training in meditation practice
  • An exploration of archetype, symbol and myth and the role mystery traditions have played in the development of the collective psyche.

Course Format
Unit 1: Overview
Unit 2: Esoteric Psychology


Esoteric Studies Units 1 & 2
Courses are taught in a 2-day weekend seminar format with one seminar held each month over a 5 month block (5 weekend seminars per unit, Sat & Sun 10 am - 5 pm each day).

Assignments: There are set readings and written papers for each seminar topic to be completed by the start of the next month's seminar. A meditation program is an integral part of the course and a brief report is to be included in the written monthly assignments.

Please Note: Individual seminars can be taken on a casual basis (i.e. one or more) without enrolling in the full program, provided that minimum course numbers are met.

Outline of Topics
Unit 1: Overview (Seminars 1-5)

1. Introduction to Esoteric Philosophy: As Above, So Below
Basic tenents of esoteric philosophy.
The Divine Plan.
Macrocosm and Microcosm.
The 'World as Dream' through myth, parable and archetype.
The Planes of Consciousness.
Laws of the Planes.
Ten Basic Propositions.
The Esoteric Human System & The Chakras.
Law of Correspondences - chakras in the human being and the greater universe.

2. Introduction to Esoteric Psychology: Know Thyself
Psychosynthesis, a holistic model of the psyche.
Psychospiritual techniques for personality integration and self awareness.
What is the Soul?
Working with subtle energy.
An explanation of the etheric body.
The energy centers and their relation to health.
Stages of spiritual development of the centers.
What it really means to 'raise the Kundalini'.
An explanation of Sanskrit symbols and terminology.


3. An Introduction to Esoteric Astrology
The twelve zodiacal energies from Aries to Pisces.
The Hero's Journey through the signs.
The Twelve Labours of Hercules.
Sun, Moon and Ascendant signs.
Your Astrological Signature - a tool for understanding your individual lessons and potential.
Tracing life cycles - transits of Saturn and the transpersonal planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto). 
Crisis as opportunity. 
Karma and Dharma.

4. An Introduction to the Seven Rays
The seven archetypal energy qualities underling all life.
Ray quality experienced through music, myth, image and symbol, experiential exercises.
Meditations on the rays. 
The dynamics of interaction. 
Personality type, compatibility and vocation.
Your Ray Formula & discovering authentic identity. 
Applications in daily life.


5. The Next Step in Consciousness.
Purpose & The Divine Plan.
Hierarchy & The Masters.
The process of Initiation.
The Spiritual Path - facts & fallacies.
Stages of Discipleship.
The Philosophy of Meditation.
Exploring a range of different meditation techniques. 
Stages of meditation leading to enlightenment.
Prophecies fulfilled. 
The Next Step - intuitive awareness.


Unit 2: Esoteric Psychology (Seminars 6-10)


1. The Spiritual Thread of the Western Mind
The Mysteries and their influence on Western Thought.
Egyptian Mysteries of the Initiates.
Mysteries of Greece and Rome.
Development of Psychological Theory:Traditional - Transpersonal
C. G. Jung and Hermetic Philosophy.
Theosophy & The Trans-Himalayan Wisdom Teachings. 
The Impact of Buddhist Philosophy on Western Psychotherapy.



2. The Seven Ray Types
The Names of the Ray Lords.
Individualisation and the Seven Ray Types.
Stanzas on the Seven Rays.
Qualities & Characteristics studied in depth.



3. Spiritual Emergence
The ACLARI Process - Crisis as Opportunity.
Client Assessment Skills.
Therapeutic Techniques.
Psychosynthesis - Theory and Techniques.
The Esoteric Counsellor.
Fundamental Laws of Esoteric Healing.



4. The Laws of the Soul
The Seven Laws of the Soul
The Law of Repulse.
Integration Formulae for the Rays.
The Seven Rules for Soul Control.
The Seven Techniques for Personality Integration.
Problems of Cleavage.



5. Introduction to Meditation Practice
Group Process for the Development of the Personality Life. 
Group Life from the Level of the Soul.
Introduction to Buddhist Meditation Theory & Practice 
Introduction to Antahkarana Meditation: Building the Rainbow Bridge.


Reference Texts
SCSES Esoteric Studies Course Workbook.
Labours of Hercules Alice A Bailey
Initiations Human & Solar Alice A Bailey
Tapestry of The Gods Vols I & II Michael Robbins

Recommended reading lists will be given at each seminar

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