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Predictive Work

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Predictive Work

Progressed and Transit charts offer insights into the timing and meaning of events in your life. They can be drawn up for any time to assist in understanding the significance of that life period and the experiences offered.

What does the year ahead hold? 
Gain perspective on major life decisions, career and personal issues. 
Enhance life management by becoming sensitive to your life's inherent rhythm. 
Learn how to deal with life crises with intelligence and compassion.

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Adrienne Barkla

B. Arch, B. Fine Arts, Grad. Dip. Psych, FAA Diploma, (Awarded FAA Allan Johnson Gold Medal 1994), MSE Esoteric Psych, PhDE Esoteric Philosophy. Adrienne is an Consulting Astrologer and Psychotherapist in private practice and principal of the SCSES. She is inspired by the golden thread of truth that underlies the many wisdom traditions, and has studied with The Rosicrucian Society (AMORC), The Theosophical Society, The Anthroposophical Society and The University of the Seven Rays. Adrienne has worked for many years in astrological and esoteric education as an teacher, writer, curriculum developer, and national and international conference organiser and speaker.

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