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Esoteric Readings

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Esoteric Readings

Esoteric or Soul-Centered Astrology embraces the transpersonal realm. It deals with Spiritual Emergence, questions of Life Purpose and spiritual Direction. It outlines the dilemnas between the personality and Higher Self and what experiences the aspirant is likely to meet in the journey to deeper integration. A esoteric reading can give guidance in situations of spiritual crisis.

What is the inner self calling us to do in this life? 
What do you need to refine and develop in order to express deeper life values?

About the Author

Adrienne Barkla

B. Arch, B. Fine Arts, Grad. Dip. Psych, FAA Diploma, (Awarded FAA Allan Johnson Gold Medal 1994), MSE Esoteric Psych, PhDE Esoteric Philosophy. Adrienne is an Consulting Astrologer and Psychotherapist in private practice and principal of the SCSES. She is inspired by the golden thread of truth that underlies the many wisdom traditions, and has studied with The Rosicrucian Society (AMORC), The Theosophical Society, The Anthroposophical Society and The University of the Seven Rays. Adrienne has worked for many years in astrological and esoteric education as an teacher, writer, curriculum developer, and national and international conference organiser and speaker.

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